Our Used Apple table is now, once again, properly updated!

For years, we have offered you a table Used Apple which serves as a price reference for resale of Ma products.

The last update we made to it was just over a year ago and, taking advantage of the momentum of having updated our calendar a few days ago, we just gave a general area for all the numbers in the table.

As always, some very old products were removed from the list and others, new ones, were added. It is worth noting that models, which are still marketed directly by Apple, are not included in the table.

All the values ​​on the page are estimates, they are not absolute and no one is obliged to follow them strictly, but if you find something very "out of the curve", contact us! Use the table sparingly and, if you want to buy / sell / exchange some type of product, use our classifieds forum. 😉