Our app is back with everything in its version 3.1, now with support for iPads and 3D Touch!

I know, I took too long! But here we are, happy to launch verse 3.1 from our official iOS app.

And it comes with excellent news.


 app on an iPhone held with hands, version 3.1

The interface above, running on the iPhone, you already know well.

And it already comes with cool news: now the app supports quick preview in the list of posts with 3D Touch (on iPhones 6s / 6s Plus and 7/7 Plus), as well as bringing a shortcut to the sharing sheet by touching and holding in some post on the list.

But the best of this update is here:

 app (version 3.1) on iPad with two hands holding

Yes, after many requests, we have implemented initial support for iPads in this version! Still basically the same app divided into two columns, only, but already something.

And we intend to evolve from, of course!

In addition, 3.1 for iOS also brings traditional bug fixes and general improvements.

Run l on the App Store:

 app icon

Acknowledgments and open code project

It is worth remembering that, since our version 3.0, our app has its code open on GitHub for those who want to collaborate with the project.

For this version 3.1, we would like to give special thanks to Ruyther Costa, to Bruno Delgado and to Leonardo Formaggio, as well as welcoming the Cassio Rossi (from Kazzio Software), who is now leading the project with the people of made @ sampa and who was the one who rekindled the flame of the thing. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

Area issues of our project on GitHub is very busy, which indicates that it should not be long before we release another new version of the app. l that we have registered bugs and discussed future improvements, both visual and feature / functionality.

Let's go!

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