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Osmo Pocket Earns Firmware Update v1.3.0.20 With New Settings and Features

THE DJI released a new update for gimbal Osmo Pocket, bringing the verse of firmware number for the gadget. It arrives bringing some new features and settings to the device, including new resolution options and frame rates for video.


The camera is being sent to users before the date the company anticipates

New improved technologies include ActiveTrack inside DJI Mimo. From now on, she most needs to detect the gourds and shoulders of people within the frame.

Official Website: DJI Osmo Pocket

The company also optimized the way the camera focuses in some situations and improved the white balance in some scenes. The most critical case was when the image was predominantly green and turned out to be a reddish color on the board.

In addition, the update comes with recording options, which are 25fps and 50fps frame rates, which are valid for both 1080p and 4K video.

To top it off, the update even fixes an issue where some Osmo Pocket load times were slower than normal.

Check out the full list below: Osmo Pocket firmware update v1.3.0.20OverviewDate: 2019.01.07Firmware: v1.3.0.20 (file size is approx. 51MB) DJI Mimo App iOS: v1.0.2DJI Mimo Android App: v1.0.2

Whats New?Added 1080p 25 / 50fps and 4K 25 / 50fps resolution to basic settings. Added support to shoot 33 panorama photos when the tilt axis is between -20 and 80.Optimized ActiveTrack in DJI Mime when detecting peoples head and shoulders in camera view.Increased the time that the gimbal is in position to fit into the cover from five to eight seconds.Optimized the focus in some situations.Optimized ActiveTrack when the gimbal is in Portrait and Flashlight mode.Fixed the issue where a red tint appeared when using Auto White Balance (AWB) in scenes that werepredominantly green.Fixed the issue affecting some devices where the charging time was slow

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