OS X Server Update Features Caching Server and Time Machine Backup Monitoring

Apple has just released the 2.2.1 update for OS X Server.

OS X Server - Wiki Server

The update includes features such as a caching server (to speed up the transfer of software distributed by Apple through the Mac App Store), Time Machine service that monitors the computers that were backed up (when they did and the file size generated), compatibility with the Wiki server for Retina screens, the ability to use Active Directory groups and an interface for centralized certificate management.

In addition, it corrects an issue that did not allow deleting applications sent to the Profile Manager, configuration failures due to an SSL error, and problems updating the Lion Server.

For more information on the security content of the update, visit this page.

cone - OS X Server Mountain Lion OS X Server

$ 20 | 153 MB | requires OS X 10.8.2 or higher.Prs: turns Macs into servers.Cons: none.

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