Orkut lets you insert maps to scraps

Many times, I wanted to send maps to my Orkut friends, either to indicate the location of a party, or to show where a particular company was.

But it was never a very easy task. Either I had to insert a link to the location in the messages, or take a screenshot, crop the image and finally insert it into the message.

To make my life and that of many other users easier, Google announced the integration between Orkut and Google Maps. You can now insert maps directly to your scraps.

To do this, go to your friend’s scrapbook page and click on the scrap edit area so that the format bar is displayed. At the end of it, you can notice the famous Maps balloon.

When clicking on the new option, a window, containing a search field, will be loaded. Entering the desired address and clicking Search, the map will be updated. Still on the search screen, the map can be moved and enlarged, so that it displays the best result to the user.

At the end of the edit, just click Select so that the map image is inserted into the scrap. Once the text of the message is finished, just send it and hope that your friend finds the location indicated. 😛

Thanks to the reader Douglas Duarte for the tip!