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Original Doom Back Play Store

If you are over (nevermind) you certainly know the shooter par excellence the first and only Doom! The first-person perspective, the hostile and scary environment, the atmosphere of desolation, the hideous monsters, the soundtrack and the amazing sound effects (and especially the bloodbaths caused by the chainsaws) have made this game an instant classic of its kind. To the delight of nostalgic fans, it had been made available for Android, but was soon removed from the Play Store without further explanation. Well now Doom is back to stay!

The absolute classic of shooters: Doom. / ID Software

Games like Dead Trigger 2 owe much to Doom, one of the pioneer shooters. Like all successes, the game featured several sequels and imitations, many of them available for Android. The company Eltechs, however, decided to go source and release the original on the Play Store. Perhaps due to the copyright of the .wad files (owned by ID Software), Doom has been out of the Google store for a while, but has now returned indefinitely!

It takes some time to get used to the controls, and the most nostalgic will soon miss the keyboard to make the character more agile. After an adjustment period, I guarantee you can have a very close experience of the original game, especially if your Android device is over 5 inches.

These monsters with claws and pixel shows take me back to childhood. / XboxWorld

If you have installed the original Doom, you can only play the first title in the series. However, if you already have the game on your computer, you can use the program's .wad files and add them to the Android directory to open the whole trilogy. Here's what to do:

  • Back up the .wad file to the Android / data / com.eltechs.originaldoom / directory.
  • Remove the .wad file from the Android directory;
  • Copy all the .wad files from your Doom for PC and paste them into your Android directory.

If the game is removed again from the Google Play Store, here is the apk to download.

And have fun gutting monsters!

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