Original Bank App – Functions, Memory Space, Advantages and Evaluation

Banco Original is a 100% digital financial institution that also takes advantage of technology to optimize people's time. To be part of this bank, the Original Bank App was developed.

It is suitable for any user who does not want to face rows and bureaucracies of traditional banks simply and conveniently without losing the security of transactions.

Learn more about the Original Bank App to find out if it matches what you're looking for in this review!

Original Bank App

Advantages and disadvantages

The Original Bank application stands out for how it wants to make life easier for customers, because the program interface is very simple and objective.

Among the main objectives that highlight Banco Original is its program of cashbackwhere the customer can accumulate points for purchases made through the card which will subsequently be converted into reais and credited to the following month. A good advantage for those who have high card spending!

The score for this program will vary depending on the type of card, of course. Banco Original works with the International, Gold, Platinum and Black cards. For example, with the Original International card, the conversion value is up to 0.30% per month, while for other cards this factor increases.

In addition, other benefits that are present in Banco Original that are common to online banks in general are:

  • Salary portability,
  • Possibility of mobile recharge,
  • Check deposit per image,
  • Financial manager,
  • Payment of slips.

Since Banco Original cards are from the Mastercard brand, other benefit programs are linked to this brand.

The Original International card, as an example, has the Surprise Mastercard. Already the Original Gold card also has Price Protection Insurance, Purchase Protection Insurance and also Extended Warranty.

In the Original Platinum card, there are benefits such as: Concierge, Travel Agency, Charter Schengen, MasterAuto Insurance, Stopper Insurance and Travel Emergency Insurance.

Finally, the Original Black card covers all these benefits.

The biggest advantages of Banco Original, in general, involve its own application that helps in the management and control of expenses, with the possibility to get service with the manager by mobile and quick cash options for withdrawals and deposits (in Banco 24Horas network). ).

Some disadvantages of Original Bank would be:

  • The existing free plan does not offer unlimited transactions,
  • Unable to open account if you are a negative person,
  • There are physical agencies only in Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo,
  • There is no credit release so easily.

From the application you can view the types of digital account that Original Bank offers. Some accounts do not have credit card maintenance or annuity fees, while others have several features and charge fees of up to $ 45.00.

Original Bank App

Size and Space Original Bank App

Banco Original offers two applications for Android and iOS operating systems.

One of them is the Be Original Open Your Account application, where you can open your account. The other application is the Original Bank, where you manage your account and all transactions, which should be downloaded only if you get approval on opening the account.

The Original Bank app to open your account and start being a client of this institution requires 80.2 MB free on your iOS electronic device while for Android the space decreases to 44 MB. J the second app asks for 150.6 MB free on smartphones or iOS tablets, but for Android the size shrinks to 65 MB.

Key Features Original Bank app

Through the Original Bank app, you have the ability to make bank transfers, check your balance and bank statement, as well as:

  • Contact Original Support,
  • Pay bills through the barcode reader,
  • Develop your financial planning with the help of graphs and details of your spending for better budget control,
  • Apply for loans,
  • Access account information by voice command.

To use this voice command, simply say the word balance and the information appears on the screen.

Original Bank App

Popularity and Ratings App Banco Original

The Original Bank app has different ratings on official app stores. On Google Play, for Andriod, the app has a rating of 3.9 / 5 stars, receiving some negative comments about faster processing and the lack of other functions.

Other comments speak positively of the use, except the immediate attention of the manager when requested.

In the App Store, for iOS devices, the rating of the Original Bank app is at 2.3 / 5 stars. Users complain about the slow application, with connection errors.