Original Apple I manual could be auctioned for $ 38,000 [atualizado]

Original Apple I manual could be auctioned for $ 38,000 [atualizado]

Turn and move, we comment that some very rare units of Apple I, the first computer produced by Ma, are sold in auctions that raise thousands, if not millions of reais. In the most recent case, a functional piece of hardware was sold in London for almost $ 2 million.

Given the rarity of the Apple I, of course any computer component seen as a historical artifact, even the manual even more so if it's original, like this one being auctioned off by RR Auction.

More than 40 years old, the manual is (apparently) in excellent condition and features the original Apple logo on the cover designed by the company's co-founder, Ronald Wayne, which shows English scientist Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with a shiny apple above it. his.

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Image: https://www.rrauction/bidtracker_detail.cfm?IN=206

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In addition to containing information on how Apple I works, the manual also has a page describing the “6502 Hex Monitor”, a memory program developed by Steve Wozniak, also co-founder of Apple Computer.

The bids for the original manual are already approaching $ 40,000, but may increase even more, since the auction occurs until this Wednesday (10/7). Who is going?

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Update 07/12/2019 08:21

As we reported, the auction ended last Wednesday and yesterday (11/6) RR Auction released some information about the winning bid of the Apple I manual.

According to the company, the manual was bought for about $ 13,000 (~ R $ 48,800), approximately R $ 10,000 more than initially quoted. The bid was made by an anonymous technology entrepreneur from the United States.

In addition to the documents and technical information on Ma's first computer, the auction also includes a pair of photos signed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, one from Apple I, and the other from Woz with Steve Jobs.

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