Orientals create solution for those who no longer want to wait for new iMacs

Ma's traditional all-in-one had its most recent version presented last month, promising the beginning of sales for November. THE sexta-feira Negra it's gone and nothing Apple started delivering your desktop computer, but don't worry: the Chinese have the perfect solution for you.

IMac Clone

O Lavi yes, that the name given to the computer has many of the great attractions of the real iMac, even though it is not as thin as: they are only 0.9cm on the edge, against 0.5cm of the iMac. With the all-aluminum structure, the same resolution and even the same pedestal, it evidently lacks the coolest features of the new iMac, such as USB 3.0 ports, Intel's “Ivy Bridge” processors, Thunderbolt interface and the OS system itself X, but until the Chinese brother would go unnoticed (well) from afar.

IMac Clone

After all, who needs a $ 1,300 iMac when they can buy one xing-ling for $ 540?

(via M.I.C. Gadget)