Organizing and managing iMessage apps on iPhone or iPad

Organizing and managing iMessage apps on iPhone or iPad

The introduction of apps for iMessage, on iOS 10, was one of Apple's most accurate moves towards its messenger: at one stroke, it created a particular mini-ecosystem within the messaging app, generating interest (and monetization possibilities) for developers, and significantly expanded the functions of the platform.

A lot of people, however, can't handle that application bar on the keyboard very well. How it works? How can it be administered? How to get new apps? We, as always, are here to help.

How to hide

Let's get this out of the way: if you don't want to see that row of app icons taking up vertical space on your screen, you can hide it. Just touch the button immediately to the left of the message composition balloon, with a symbol similar to the App Store, and the drawer disappears from your view.

IMessage App Drawer GIF

Note that the button has a dual function: if any of the apps are active, tapping it simply hides the window of the app. To hide the drawer, in this case you need to touch the button twice. To reveal the drawer again, just touch it again, naturally.

How to get new apps

IMessage comes with six pre-installed apps: Store, Photos, Music, Digital Touch (to send cartoons, ringtones, kisses, heartbeats and more), #images (to search and send GIFs) and Apple Pay; the latter two may not be available in all countries).

IMessage App Store

To browse the other apps available, just tap the Store and see the most delusional creations possible from developers around the world. Some of the apps are free; others have internal purchases or are paid. To download them, just tap the "Get" button or the button with the price of the application; Once you enter your Apple ID, the app be downloaded and go to the drawer.

How to organize

The iMessage app drawer is divided into two parts: the first, before the organizer bar, shows your favorites; The second holds the rest of the applications. Sliding to the end of the line, you will find a button with three dots; Just tap it to go to the organization screen.

There you will find a list that reflects the order of apps in the drawer, first with favorites and then with the remaining apps. The Photos and Store apps cannot be removed from favorites or moved in position, but the others can: To remove them from favorites, simply tap the red button. To rearrange their order, just tap and drag the three right bars on each app.

In the “More Apps” area, you cannot organize the apps to your liking, as they are in alphabetical order; If you can, however, disable them this way, they will not appear in your drawer, but will still be downloaded. By tapping the green “+” button, you add one of the apps to the bookmarks section.

To permanently delete an app from your device, just swipe left on it and tap Delete.

Did you like the tips? Leave any questions, suggestions or any other concerns related to the topic below. And until next time! 😉