Organize your tasks with the Todoist app, now in version 10

Organize your tasks with the Todoist app, now in version 10

Over the years, capitalist culture has transformed itself and demanded that people produce more and more. The volume of tasks has increased, however the number of hours of the day, no. With that, taking care of so many activities has been quite a challenge. Therefore, more and more companies and people dedicated to teaching are emerging, guiding how to organize time and day-to-day tasks to achieve their goals. To this end, I want to talk today about Todoist.

Todoist is a task manager launched in 2007 that today reached version 10, the biggest update in its history. It brings very interesting improvements, however, before going into these details, I want to explore the application in general and share my experience of use taking into account that I have no habit of using services of this kind.

Todoist app icon: To do list and tasks

What I liked about Todoist: the simple home page, with design flat, and very intelligent data entry with pre-created projects such as "Personal" and "Work", being possible to create, change or delete.

When touching on a “Work” project, for example, create one or several tasks. For each task, it is possible to define the date and time of accomplishment, reminder alert, comment or even mark as completed when it is. Labels and filters help to organize tasks, with different color options. Everything is very practical.

These functions are very useful in version 10:

  1. The reminder for geolocation is very cool. Determine where you would like to be reminded of that task, and as soon as you get there, it will let you know.
  2. If any of your tasks involve someone else, assign them to them including your email. The application automatically sends a reminder invitation to the recipient.
  3. If you forget your smartphone, don't worry, Todoist sends you a daily email with your daily tasks.
  4. If you set a deadline for completion and are unable to meet or simply forget to "tick" the task, the application sends you an email informing you of the delay.
  5. If you have recurring activities, you can also determine the beginning and end. For example: running 5km with Jos every Thursday at 6am starting on March 29 and ending on October 21.
  6. Colorful themes.

Overall the app pleased me, I didn't miss any specific features. I believe that even for a person with a high volume of tasks, Todoist would attend with great skill. However, for not having the habit of organizing myself with applications of this kind, I still use the good old paper I would think three or four times to sign, mainly for the US $ 30 per year. But here it is worth mentioning that it would vary according to the needs of each user.

These changes are only available for iOS. Soon these features will turn to web, OS X, Android and Windows. Ah! It has the free version too. Download and test.