Organize your football matches with the Dribly app

We have already given some tips here on the app website to organize football matches like Nike Futebol and Futebol na Praa. Today we're going to talk about Dribly, a new option that offers interesting features with a cool look.

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Like the others, the idea of ​​Dribly facilitating the organization of that football match between friends. For this, it offers features such as creating groups (for different soccer players) and chat (to focus everything on football in a single app, it is not necessary to use Dribly to organize and a WhatsApp / Telegram of life to chat).

Obviously, through the app we can see exactly the number of people who confirmed their presence at the match and, if it is not satisfactory, invite other friends to close the minimum number required. The cool thing is that you can search for new players through the app itself.

If you are not registered for any matches yet, you can also search for games through the app. In addition, everything that happens within Dribly is informed by notifications and with version 1.4, we can now choose which notifications to receive.

One of the great things about Dribly is that it has apps for iOS and Android soon coming to Windows Phone as well, making things easier for a large group of friends (after all not all are well enough to choose an iPhone).

Organize your departure and have fun!