Bento Stack

Organize your Apple cables and accessories, transporting them easily with Bento Stack

In (almost?) All Apple products, we can see that there is a care in their production, in the design, in the manufacture of each component and even in the way they are packaged and reach our hands.

The feeling of making a unboxing of a product that you wanted is very pleasant; seeing the products lined up, organized in a beautiful box is a pleasure. However, it is very difficult to maintain the level of cleanliness, since we are constantly having to transport them back and forth in bags and backpacks, amidst many other things that can get them dirty or even damage them, as is the case. of cables that twist and break very easily.

Thinking specifically about the various accessories of Apple products, the startup Function 101 decided to create the Bento Stack, a simple, effective and compact organization solution.

Bento Stack

Inspired by the small Japanese lunch boxes called “bento”, Bento Stack has some compartments that make it easy for you to organize your Apple accessories in one place, taking up a small space in bags and backpacks.

The first compartment is the largest in terms of height, allowing sturdier chargers like those of MacBooks Pro, iPads and others to be stored. Right above, there is a kind of cover that allows you to put up to two Apple Watch straps.

In another compartment just above, you can store cables, headphones or whatever you want. Finally, there is still a space for you to leave your Apple Pencil or – check it out – use it as a support for the iPhone.

The complete kit comes with four dividers, allowing you to organize the two largest compartments in the best way, and you can place up to three accessories in each. And, if you prefer, you can use only one of the compartments and make Bento even smaller and better to transport.

In fact, the organization it provides and the small space it occupies make it ideal even if you don’t necessarily need to transport your accessories regularly. It is possible, for example, to leave the small box in one place (or even in a drawer) and live in peace knowing that what you need is in one place, in an organized way.

Finally, to hold the entire contents of Bento, a small silicone strip is used. For now, there are three colors available: space gray, pure pink and silver.

If you are interested, you can contribute to the campaign on Indiegogo and purchase Bento Stack from $ 35 plus shipping. Along with the product, you will receive two silicone strips and four dividers for the larger compartments.

via TechCrunch