Organization says most Pegatron employees work more than 60 hours a week

Organization says most Pegatron employees work more than 60 hours a week

It is undeniable that Apple is trying to make things better in China, whether it be issues related to the environment or related to working conditions. Some may even question the principle of these Ma investees (if she really believes that this is necessary / possible or if she does it "out of obligation"), but that she is one of the companies most concerned with changing the current scenario, there is really no denying it. In a new report (PDF), however, the organization China Labor Watch based in New York he said things are not looking good there.

In September (one of the most critical periods of the year due to the launch of the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus), the organization managed to send an undercover investigator to work at the Pegatron factory in Shanghai, one of Ma's partners in the manufacture of iGadgets. According to him, workers earn about $ 1.85 an hour and need to do a lot of overtime to earn enough money to cover their expenses. Also according to him, the factory's standard 9-hour shift, but as of September the employees worked an extra 20 hours per week (about 2 hours a day plus 10 hours of work on Saturdays). Adding all this up, the employees managed to earn an average of $ 753 in salary.

Apple partner employee (supplier)

The big problem that the scenario above seemed to be the standard for workers, as, according to the investigator, an 8-hour daily shift / 5 times a week was not in accordance with Pegatron's hiring needs, always remembering that, according to Apple, employees must work a maximum of 60 hours a week.

Apple monitors these overtime hours and discloses everything in its reports. Last year, for example, 92% of workers in their partners managed to stay within those 60 hours of work per week; in September (critical period for the manufacture of new devices), however, this percentage dropped to 75%.

In the report, the investigator also stated that Pegatron forged documents submitted to Apple in order to show that he was complying with the audit requirements to be a supplier to Apple, the country's law says that security training must be 24 hours, but Pegatron he only trained for 8 hours and forced employees to sign a form proving that they had done a 20-hour security training.

However, there were improvements over 2013. As the report says, the hiring process that was previously quite prejudiced (discriminating against people over 35, with dyed hair and Tibetan or Uyghur ethnicity) now no longer shows these signs. There have also been partial improvements in relation to sick leave, dismissal and in some other areas.

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