Ordinary users can test beta versions of iOS / macOS thanks to the shame of Maps

In a company as big as Apple, there is no decision made that does not arouse love or coldness in people.

Even more so in the world of the Internet, where anyone seems to have an opinion on everything, and especially after the “worrying” result of the second fiscal quarter of 2016 and the small changes in its products and systems, many strongly believe that the company is in decline and that she “was not as she was” (when Steve Jobs commanded Ma).

To calm (or shake) our nerves, Tim Cook (CEO), Eddy Cue (senior vice president of software and internet services) and Craig Federighi (senior vice president of software engineering) gave an interview to Fast Company and commented on the various opinions that emerged through the media and the decision to provide public beta (the Apple Beta Software Program) of the new systems (iOS and OS X macOS).

"Apple is failing"

Tim Cook

When asked about the comments that have come up about the company, Cook said that he does not follow all the reports, but that he "knows the truth."

Is Apple making more mistakes than it used to? I have no way to monitor this.

We never said that we are perfect, but what we seek to be.

However, sometimes it is not what we have achieved.

The most important thing to ask yourself: do you have the courage to admit you are wrong? And you change? The most important thing for me, as a CEO, that we keep courage.

As the story recalls, in the five years that Apple has been in charge of Cook, it has tripled its income, its workforce has doubled and its global reach has grown rapidly.

In the words of the author: "He will never be as flashy as Jobs, but he could be the perfect CEO to lead the giant that Apple has become."

J Cue was more emphatic about the constant comparisons with Jobs and charging for big innovations: “The world thinks we delivered (an innovation) every year while Steve was here, but those products were developed over a long period of time.”

Public Beta and Maps

In September 2012, when the Maps (native app that replaced Google maps) was introduced, it came with several problems: bridges seemed to be immersed in rivers, hospitals were located at addresses that belonged to shopping centers, airstrips were confused with roads, among many, many others.

The great controversy of Ma's error could demotivate the team, but it ended up serving to implement last few changes, among which is the availability of a public beta program for its most famous systems (iOS and macOS), as reported by Cue.


These things mean a lot to us because we work hard; therefore, we were ashamed.

We had completely underestimated the product and its complexity.

We have made significant changes in all of our development processes because of this.

For all of us who live in Cupertino, the maps were very good.

Right? So, (the problem) was not obvious to us.

We have never been able to get you to a large number of users to get that feedback.

Now we can.

The reason why you, as a customer, is able to test iOS because of Maps.

As soon as they ran into the problems of Maps, they had to come together to decide what to do with the app; whether they would continue to develop improvements and new functions or if they would put it in the hands of others.

In the end, Cue says that they would like to create many things that would depend on this technology, so they did not see it as something that could be outsourced.

Despite not giving more details, he gave a very encouraging example of what he would like to see.

Let's say I'm at home dealing with emails before I go to work.

I would like Maps to inform me “Don't leave now, the travel time will be reduced by 15 minutes if you stay at home for a few more moments” would be very useful.

Apple wherever you go

When it comes to the quantity of products and services, Ma has grown a lot and this has caused quite a stir among those who believe that “it was good at the time of Jobs, when only a few products were sold”.

The technology has changed.

The world changed.

So, the company is following the flow of changes.

Cue said: "We want to be there from when you wake up to when you decide to go to sleep"; and Cook added by saying “Our strategy to help you in every part of your life that we can.

Whether you're sitting in the living room, in the workplace, with your cell phone, or in your car.

Tim Cook

Within these improvements “everywhere”, the CEO of Apple recalled the health initiatives that have been expanding more and more.

We entered the health area and started looking at well-being.

This led us to think about research, then a little further to the assistance provided to patients, which is also leading us to other things.

According to the report, the health area earns approximately US $ 9 trillion and even if the company obtains 1% of that (US $ 90 billion), it would already be a great deal.

The fun, extensive and interesting subject is well worth reading.

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