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Ordering an Apple Card is the easiest thing, as this Apple video shows

From the first moment of the announcement of Apple cardMa has positioned its credit card as a much easier option to obtain and use compared to other competitors in the segment.

And the real promise: Just watch the video below (taken from this page), which went live today, guiding potential customers on how to order their own Apple Card. Spoiler: very easy.

As the short video tutorial describes, the entire process for ordering the Apple Card consists of the following steps:

  1. Open the Wallet app on iPhone and tap the “+” sign;
  2. Select the option "Apple Card";
  3. Go through the presentation screen and confirm / enter your personal data, such as name, email and phone;
  4. Check the limit offered on the next screen (Apple and Goldman Sachs will calculate everything in real time) and accept the terms and conditions.

Ready at step five! Once the process is complete, the digital Apple Card will be added to your Wallet and set as the main application card. The physical card, in turn, will be sent to you and arrive in a few days, being activated as we already know it.

This is, of course, restricted (for now) to US residents and can only be done by anyone with a Face ID or Touch ID iPhone with the exception of the iPhone 5s, which is not compatible with the Apple Card.

It is worth noting that iPhones jailbroken I can't be part of the party; On the other hand, rumors indicate that iPad owners could soon win an app dedicated to the card.

It is also worth noting that the above steps refer to people who are being invited to the Apple Card testing period, which has been going on for a few weeks now. It may be that until the card is released, the process will change slightly but it is already so well thought out and oiled that I see no reason to change it until the next few weeks.

The fact that Americans can only sit and wait: As confirmed by Tim Cook at Ma's last financial results conference, the company's credit card will be released later this month. That is, it is close.