Order an Uber via a phone call? It is already possible

Uber is testing a new way to order vehicles.

In the USA, more specifically in the state of Arizona, the company launched a phone number to call and order a car.

When you call, an Uber operator answers the call.

Then, you will have to provide your details to receive a price estimate and proceed with the reservation.

After the reservation, the technician sends the details of the service, such as the registration of the car, the name of the driver and the time of arrival of the vehicle.

After arriving at the destination, a receipt of the trip is sent by message.

If you already have an account registered with Uber, you can choose between the payment methods you have registered on the app, but if you don't, you can also register by phone and submit a payment method.

In this case, Uber will register the method and associate it with your profile, just as it would happen if you did it through the app.

Uber said that it developed this method with a view to a more senior audience, which may reveal difficulties in using the app.

Uber will not charge additional fees for ordering by phone and all service modalities are available through this method.

The phone service is only available in Arizona, but Uber has already confirmed its intention to expand it to other regions over the next few months.