Optimus Prices

Optimus reformulates prepaid Kanguru offers

Optimus announced the reformulation of its Internet access tariffs. The operator introduces a new possibility of daily access that lowers the price of the previous offer more suited to an access of just a few hours. Easy introduces a daily navigation cost of 3 euros for a browsing speed of up to 1 Mbps, with possible charges starting from 5 euros (and a mandatory monthly charge of 10 euros).

Time and Time + are added to this tariff in the prepaid offer, both marked by periods of navigation time that increase according to the amount charged. Both start from 10 euros, for 10 hours of navigation. The differences are in the maximum speed that each of the offers allows, in the navigation time that ensures each additional minimum charge of 5 euros and in the mandatory loading.

In the Time tariff the maximum browsing speed is 1 Mbps and the additional charges of 5 euros guarantee an additional 5 hours of navigation. In Time +, the maximum browsing speed may increase to 2 Mbps and the additional browsing time guaranteed by a minimum charge (of 5 euros) is 10 hours. However, this tariff imposes a mandatory minimum charge of 15 euros per month.

Optimus Prices

It is recalled that Kanguru’s prepaid Internet offer was divided into three products. Livre and Rechargeable Light foresaw shipments of 10 euros for 12 days or 10 hours of browsing, with 400 MB of traffic included or unlimited traffic, respectively. Livre Basic guaranteed 30 days of Internet access in exchange for a 25 € charge and 1 GB of traffic included. The speeds varied between 1 and 2 Mbps.

TMN also announced today that it is already providing the alert system for the consumption of mobile Internet in roaming set by the European Commission. The system, which alerts the user when he approaches a certain consumption ceiling and disconnects the connection when he reaches it, has been available since the 21st of the month for post-paid customers and is also available for pre-paid customers from 1st of July.

This is a possibility that all operators with a mobile Internet offer are obliged to provide the customer free of charge, complying with European regulations that aim to harmonize the prices of these communications in the European Union, as has already happened for mobile voice in roaming. The pre-established consumption limit is 50 euros but can be customized.

Editorial note: Updated news with information on loading obligations in two tariffs.