Optimus Player is a new MacOS player with AirPlay 2 support.

Overall, Mac users are well-served when it comes to multimedia players: QuickTime delivers on its promise for basic formats, while options like VLC and IINA cover all the most advanced scenarios. Still, there is always room for new options especially when they bring news.

This week, the developer Darren mo made available his newest creation: the Optimus Player, a light, modern breeder with some good cards up his sleeve. Want an example? Initial support for AirPlay 2 audio transmission protocol.

The feature is still in the experimental phase and needs a small secondary tool, available on GitHub, to be activated; the user also needs to turn off SIP (System Integrity Protection) of macOS, which indicates that functionality is still restricted to advanced users but a start at least.

What's more, Optimus Player is built on the libraries of the FFmpeg project, which means broad support for just about any multimedia file you play in it: there are over 250 video or audio formats and over 400 codecs supported. The player also features gesture and VoiceOver support, hardware acceleration and promises superior VLC color accuracy.

Optimus Player costs $ 5, in a license worth five Macs, and can be tried for free for ten days. It is worth checking!

via 9to5Mac