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Oprah to Produce Documentary on Sexual Violence in the Music Industry for Apple TV +

Another week, another batch of news about the Apple TV +: Today, we have a more concrete announcement about the Oprah Winfrey with Ma, another unfolding of the polemic involving ?The Banker? and a new one featurette in See. Let's take a look?


Oprah Winfrey's relationship with Apple TV + is new to no one Apple itself has placed the iconic presenter / businesswoman on the platform's launch event as one of the keynote highlights.

Oprah already has her book club on duty and is launching a series on mental health in partnership with Prince Harry, but she will go further: according to Variety, the host produce for the Apple TV + a documentary focused on cases of harassment and sexual violence in the phonographic industry.

More specifically, the production focuses on a former musician executive who ponders the decision to disclose or not a case of abuse and harassment perpetrated by an influential industry figure. According to early descriptions, the film uses this story to make a thorough analysis of issues of gender, race, class, and intersectionality.

The movie be directed by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, responsible for The Hunting Ground (also a documentary about sexual harassment cases, but in the academic setting) and ?The Invisible War? (who won an Oscar nomination). The duo also produce the new film, which has not yet released title, through their producer Jane Doe Films. Executive production includes Terry Wood, Dan Cogan, Regina K. Scully, Ian Darling and Abigail Disney.

Team defends ?The Banker?

Meanwhile, cast and crew of ?The Banker? They came to the public to defend the film and tell their version of the facts of the controversial production.

For those who did not follow the story, the production based on a real story was involved in polemics after one of its producers (who was also the son of one of the main characters in the film) was accused of telling his father's story biased and to sexually abuse two of her sisters. After the allegations, Apple canceled the press of the movie and indefinitely postponed its movie debut.

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Official Image:

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Now 50 members of the film's production, including cast and crew, have signed a letter stating that much of the script is based on his own reports. Bernard Garrett Sr. (one of the protagonists of the film, lived by Anthony Mackie), and not of his son Bernard Garrett Jr. (what is being accused); signatories also highlight the film's message of empowerment and note that they continue to support the production (and its release, in full).

Among the signers of the letter are the director and screenwriter George nolfi and the actors Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie, Nicholas Hoult and Nia Long. Other members of the production, such as cinematographers, makeup artists, set decorators, art directors, screenwriters and more also signed the document.

Check out the following message, published by Variety:

We try to tell a story to which we are very attached, recreating the remarkable lives of Bernard Garrett Sr. and Joe Morris and their pioneering achievements in combating racial inequality in the 1950s and 60s. Although we have no way of knowing what happened among the children of the Mr. Garrett Mr. In the 1970s, including the accusations of abuse we have recently known, our feelings are with all those who have suffered.

The film itself is not based on the reports of any of Bernard Garrett Sr.'s children, but rather on Garrett Sr.'s own interviews in 1995 and substantiated by US congressional transcripts, court decisions, and other media articles of the time. We are on the side of the movie and its positive message of empowerment.

Apple has not commented on the letter, and we do not know if it will be enough to convince her to release the movie soon. Let's wait.

Featurette in See

Finally, Apple released a new featurette in See you have to have the last episode of your first season released this Friday (6/12). The video shows behind-the-scenes footage and provides testimonials from the cast and crew of the series, focusing especially on building the post-apocalyptic world where (almost) all people are blind.

Check it out:

Who is enjoying the series? Leave your opinions below!

via 9to5Mac, The Loop