Oprah Winfrey on Apple TV +

Oprah may have an interview program on Apple TV +; director of “The Lion King” will produce prehistoric documentary

THE Apple TV + it still has a few good months before it reaches the public’s eager hands, but that doesn’t mean that news related to Apple’s future original content platform is slowing down – quite the contrary. Let’s go through the most recent ones.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey on Apple TV +

The American TV queen is one of the “medallions” of Apple TV +, with an entire segment of last March’s keynote dedicated to her projects on the Apple platform. Oprah intends to produce documentary series related to mental health and workplace harassment, but may have another card up his sleeve: a talk show commanded by itself.

The plan is still nothing concrete: it is just a comment made by the presenter during an interview with Hollywood Reporter, in which Oprah stated that he would like to eventually use the great Apple platform to sit and chat with celebrities, politicians and relevant figures at the time of the country and the world (now, this figure would be the pre-candidate for the presidency of the USA Pete Buttigieg).

Oprah is considered one of the most skilled interviewers in the United States, with a unique talent for extracting valuable information from her interviewees without ever sounding inquisitive or hostile. However, since the end of “Oprah Winfrey Show”, in 2011, the presenter stopped conducting regular interviews.

In the interview with Hollywood Reporter, the presenter also spoke about the balance between the content she will create for Apple and the management of her own TV channel, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). According to Oprah, Apple has a platform with a much larger audience and the ability to reverberate content in a much more forceful way, which makes Apple TV + the ideal place for several of your projects – how to create “the biggest reading club in the world” .

“Prehistoric Planet”

Meanwhile, as reported by the deadline, Apple strengthens its documentary catalog with a name from the first Hollywood team: Jon Favreau, director (and actor) of two films from the “Iron Man” trilogy and the upcoming remake of “The Lion King”.

Jon FavreauImage: John Salangsang / BFA / REX / Shutterstock

Favreau, who is considered an expert in computer graphics and visual effects (he also directed the remake of “Mogli, the Boy Wolf”), has partnered with the BBC Studios natural history division to produce the documentary series “Prehistoric Planet”, which will be shown exclusively on Apple TV +.

The series, as its name suggests, will use high doses of state-of-the-art computer graphics to illustrate the dinosaurs’ last days on earth, some 66 million years ago. Favreau will serve as executive producer with Mike Gunton, while Tim Walker and Andrew R. Jones will produce the episodes. There is no preview yet.

“Peanuts in Space”

We had already mentioned this, but now more information has emerged: the Apple TV app will receive in May the short “Peanuts in Space: Secrets of Apollo 10”starring the beloved Snoopy puppy class. This is the first result of the partnership between Maçã and DHX Media, a company that owns the rights of the characters created by Charles M. Schulz.

The short, starring Ron Howard and Jeff Goldblum, is described as a “kind of documentary” that will investigate the possibility that Snoopy was once a top secret astronaut – in fact, it is a tribute to the 50 years of the Apollo mission 10, which is now seen as a “rehearsal” for the Moon landing that would take place months later. In that mission, NASA and astronauts named the lunar module Snoopy, while the central module was called Charlie Brown.

Apparently, “Peanuts in Space” will be released for free on the Apple TV app, in the same way as the series “Carpool Karaoke”. Soon, new shorts starring the Snoopy gang should be painted on the Apple platform.

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