Oppo anuncia carregador portátil com SuperVOOC, tecnologia mais rápida do mundo em recarga

Oppo Announces SuperVOOC Portable Charger, World's Fastest Recharging Technology

This year Oppo introduced SuperVOOC, a fast charging technology for smartphones from the company capable of recharge the 3,700mAh OPPO Find X battery in just 35 minutes. This has made it one of the most efficient recharging technologies in the world.

Now the company is introducing a new gadget that offers this capability, a portable 10000mAh charger launched in partnership with Pokmon.

The charger has a power of 50W and is compatible with any smartphone, but of course, it will charge slower ones that don't bring the technology. SuperVOOC gives OPPO. With this power, you can surely expect a significant reduction in the recharge time of your smartphone.

Converting the 399 Yuan to dollars, it starts selling for about $ 59. The product has already started to be marketed in China without anticipation of going to other markets. Of course, if you want, you can look for importing stores to get the gadget,

Via: PhoneRadar