Opinion: what to expect from the next Mac Pro, which should be released soon

It seems like yesterday, but it's been almost three years since the day Apple introduced the big guy Mac Pro with up to 12 processing cores. Since then, a lot has changed and Ma's most powerful machine has stalled. It is true that in June of last year it received a slight update, but, as light as it was, it was hardly considered an upgrade. And after almost 1,000 days (!), I wonder: what to expect from the new Mac Pro?

New Mac Pro tower seen from the side and bottom

As usual, Apple should not warn you in advance or confirm that you plan to update your Mac Pro. Oh, wait, she did it! At the end of last year, rumors emerged that the long awaited update would arrive only in 2013 and, shortly thereafter, the information was officially confirmed by a company spokesman, leaving only the right moment for his arrival in doubt.

I would say that this will happen soon, as sales of the current model are suspended in Europe, probably because of some outdated technical regulation in the current towers. Even if it is not the best seller, stop selling it on an entire continent is not good for business and, therefore, I believe that the Cupertino giant is already speeding up the process for an update in the first half of 2013.

Rumors have recently surfaced that the new version of the Mac Pro would have a redesign. It's okay that staging is not a cool thing, but let's agree that in this specific case, even though the design is the same for a decade, it is still one of the most beautiful, classic and futuristic gifts made by Apple. Therefore, I think a simple redesign is much more expected / likely than a totally new design.

In terms of hardware, in general, there are points that are practically mandatory for the future new model: USB 3.0 ports and implementation of Thunderbolt technology, yes, it still does not have the most professional transfer technology from Apple. Other points can still generate debates, such as

  • Processors: still in 2011 the first rumors arose that the new Macs Pro would have up to 16 (!) cores of processors, one third more than now. The potential of this robust configuration is frightening.
  • Graphics: we recently announced that the new generation of Radeon HD graphics cards can be used by Apple on the next Mac Pro. As stated in the article in question, the card comes with a clock 850MHz (with boost to 925MHz), 3GB (!) of GDDR memory with 384-bit interface, 240GB / s bandwidth and clock of 1.250MHz memory.
  • Storage: recent rumors suggest that, in addition, the new generation of professional desktop from Ma may have packs of 2TB of SSD, that is, if the four compartments for storage are kept, we will have the possibility to configure a machine with up to 8TB in solid state drives. In this case, my fear is even to see the price that this delicate configuration would cost in Brazilian lands.

The occasion of presenting the Mac Pro would also be a great opportunity to update its peripherals, such as the keyboard (with backlight capability) and Magic Mouse (lighter, with longer battery life). We must also not forget the software: the iLife and iWork suites, which are already screaming for an update, and OS X 10.9 (probably codenamed “Lynx”) if Apple keeps the same calendar as last year, it should already be almost ready.

And you, what do you expect from the new Mac Pro? Does anyone risk kicking his release date / ms?