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Operators available to pay up to 48 million euros / year for the use of 5G frequencies

Even without the Government having disclosed its strategy for 5G, as well as the licensing prices for the frequencies that will be put up for auction, there is already an iron arm not assumed with the operators, who have already established a ceiling on what is currently willing to pay to explore the fifth mobile generation. According to the Public, the telecommunications companies grabbed the calculator and calculated the fair price for the annual fee: 48 million euros.

To this end, the operators are calling for a sharp reduction in the rates currently practiced, justifying that they will only be able to obtain the additional investments necessary to rapidly expand the 5G network, looking at the example of the 4G implementation in 2011, with the cut of 50%, which gave rise to new services and products. The Passos Coelho Government would increase the value by 37% in 2014 and then 11% in 2017, in Antnio Costa's first term.

In this sense, the three main telecommunications companies do not consider it feasible that the 5G spectrum fee costs in total much more than 100 million euros, as the usage rate should also suffer a 50% reduction, to values ​​similar to those practiced before. two mentioned aggravations.

In the companies' accounts, the current cost per MHz is 90,800 euros, and should have a 50% discount, going to 45,000 euros per MHz. And even with this reduction, the State still earns four million a year, according to the information that the newspaper had access. Currently, the spectrum used in mobile operations allows the State to invest 44.2 million euros. For 5G, another 563 MHz will be allocated, more than doubling the amount of spectrum currently in use, 487 MHz.

If the State does the 50% discount proposed for companies, due to the increase in the available spectrum, it will still earn 48 million Euros, an increase of 8% compared to current revenue. And this considering that the whole spectrum of spectrum available at auction is taken away by the telecommunications companies.