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Operators are fined $ 22 million for unlimited internet blocking

About a month ago, we posted here on the site about PROCON's official statement against mobile internet blocking by carriers after the deductible limit has been reached. At that time, the entity found the procedure unfair, as the customer contracted the mobile internet service for its device as an uninterrupted supply. Today (06/22), PROCON of the city of So Paulo, issued a fine valued at $ 22.6 million for operators who apply the lock their customers. Check out more details below.

The fine valued at R $ 22.6 million was directed to the following operators: Hi (R $ 8 million), Claro (R $ 4.5 million), Vivo (R $ 3.5 million) and TIM (R $ 6 , 6 million). The punishment was issued based on the 6th article of the Consumer Protection Code, which provides for transparency and adequate information about the alteration of products and services already established. According to PROCON, the stipulated value was defined according to the customer base that had their accesses cut off before May 11th. According to the association, Anatel's approvals that made internet hacking possible go beyond consumer rules and law, which must denounce the internet hacking done on its line through the channel created by PROCON. Here's how to report your carrier if your internet goes down using the link below:

Customers who activated new lines after May 11th will not have the right to resort to internet hacking. In addition to So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other northeastern states are awaiting the positioning of operators operated by PROCON. The four operators are still subject to a fine established by Justia: $ 25,000 per day for breach of the injunction.

What about, did you find the PROCON fine fair?

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