Operator O2 prepares for the arrival of the new iPhone


O2, Apple's partner operator in the UK, is already preparing for the arrival of the new iPhone. The company has sent a statement to its stores announcing that it will start replacing the displays on Apple's smartphone, a process that will take three weeks to complete.

It is not yet known when Apple will launch the new device according to the latest rumors, it could happen in September or October.

We also know that Apple does not usually share this type of information, see the case of Verizon Wireless executives. That is why it is difficult to believe that O2 knows anything. But it is worth noting that all this preparation of the company will end on September 12th.

Check the statement (in English):

The following is to advise that we are removing the old iPhone unitary between the 22nd August and the 12th September. This is a 3 week program which will see all iPhone unitary swapped out for new iPhone unitary, and will of course prepare us for the launch of the new smart phone. At the same time we are installing an International Favorites bay to stores that can accommodate the unit, as well as replacing the existing magazine stand with a new freestanding stand.

And now? Does it make sense that everything will be ready on September 12th and the rumors of a release (usually first in the United States) in September / October? Does O2 know something we don't? We can only wait

(via MacRumors)