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Opera will introduce new browser for Android at MWC 2013

The Opera browser has reached the milestone of 300 million monthly users bringing together the full range of products offered by the browser for phones, tablets, TVs and computers. To celebrate, the software developer team has transitioned to the Webkit engine, as well as Chromium, to future versions of the browser for smartphones. The goal is to make the browser more user friendly.

Opera has already fallen for many Android users in Brazil, especially because it is light and fast. Using Webkit over Presto, the engine used by Opera so far, will bring the company closer to what Apple and Google offer:

It makes more sense to have our specialists working with open source communities to improve WebKit and Chromium, rather than developing our own engine. Opera will contribute to the WebKit and Chromium projects and we have already introduced our first set of patches: To improve the multi-column layout.

Last month, Opera announced some news of this partnership with Webkit through the new mobile browser called ICE. Opera Ice is a browser designed especially for large-screen Android mobile devices – which keep coming to market. Opera intends to offer a browser that uses the maximum space of current screens, freeing up the interface of unnecessary components and focusing on their content and presentation.

The great news for Android users, after all, the more possibilities in the Play Store, the better the interaction of users with Google's operating system. I confess that I rarely used Opera as a browser, but they all surprised me. Maybe now is a good time to leave Crome and Safari's comfort zone and try out new features like Opera Ice.

The first experiment with the new Opera smartphone app will take place during MWC 2013 at the end of this month in Barcelona. Stay tuned here on AndroidPIT as we will cover Mobile World Congress and bring more information straight from Spain for you.

What do you think, by innovating in browser terms, can Opera clash with companies like Apple and Google? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

Image: Opera

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