Opera Touch gets quick tab previews; SoundHound, Pocket and IFTTT are updated

Opera Touch gets quick tab previews; SoundHound, Pocket and IFTTT are updated

And we're back with the recent updates of popular apps from App store! Let's take a look at them?

Opera touch

Opera Touch Browser app icon

Mobile browser version 1.10 has some good news, especially for those who don't have gigantic hands. The quick action button at the bottom of the screen that puts some commonly used functions at your fingertips is now smarter when displaying recent tabs.

Tabs in Opera Touch

The screen will always display the three most recent tabs opened by you, but now, by sliding your finger over each of them, the browser will display a preview of the page so you know exactly where you are going.

In addition, the browser's built-in ad blocker has gained the ability to allow advertising or Cookies from certain websites; Finally, we have bug fixes and other stability improvements.


SoundHound app icon

SoundHound∞ app icon

The music identification service, in turn, has brought a new experience in displaying lyrics in version 9.0: from now on, just slide your finger on the screen so that the verses of the identified song appear in sync with playback, to that you can perform an instant karaok if you wish, of course.

The lyrics library has also been significantly expanded, both in the "regular" SoundHound and the paid version of the app, SoundHound, which features no ads.


Pocket app icon

The "read later" service has gained, in all its mobile apps, three little news that will make its use much more enjoyable. The first is a button that comes up when you reopen the app: it takes you back to exactly the last thing you were reading, exactly where you left off perfect for when you stop reading for some reason and back some time later when your phone's RAM ( or lack thereof) has already closed the process.

In addition, now the tags which you use to tag articles and texts are interactive: you can tap on any of them to open a list of material tagged with that word or phrase. Finally, if one of the articles you save is one of Pocket's most popular, the app will also let you know in the tags.


IFTTT app icon



Version 4.6.0 (81.2 MB) Requires the iOS 10.0 or superior

Finally, the stock and service automation application has gained a store bath to make its use simpler and more intuitive. The applets User names are now arranged alphabetically according to the services to which they are connected; In addition, the exploration, search, and story tabs were combined into a single screen with more experience. The more services you connect, the more content appears on that screen.