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Opera Touch for iOS wins cryptocurrency wallet; Telegram, Mactracker and Cardiogram are updated

And we are, again, with the most relevant updates from popular apps from the App Store! Are we going to them?

Opera touch

Opera Touch Browser app icon

The iOS browser has gained a lot of new features from its counterparts on macOS / Windows / Linux a few months ago. We now have, for example, an Ethereum protocol-based cryptocurrency wallet, which allows secure transaction of values ​​between users and integrates with decentralized apps (dApps) to perform operations without the use of extensions.

One of the dApps in question is already built into the browser: Marble.Cards, a kind of collectible game that turns any webpage into a card but only once, meaning that every single card is irreplaceable. You can then play with your cards, exchange them or sell them to other users, as well as buy the ones you want with the integration of cryptocurrency wallet.


Telegram app icon

The most talked about app in Brazil has gained two new features in its Mac version: you can now add any user to your contact list, even if their phone number is not publicly visible.

In addition, it is possible to fully transfer ownership of a group or channel to another administrator, which is particularly useful in cases of work teams that have had their leaders changed or the like.


Mactracker app iconMactracker app screenshotMactracker app screenshot

The unofficial app that stores the entire story of all major Apple products has been updated with a number of new records. We now have pages for the new 4K / 5K iMacs, the new iPad Air and mini, the new iPod touch, and the second generation AirPods.

In addition, Mactracker version 7.8 provides details on the latest operating system versions, updates the status of classic and obsolete Ma products, and also adds support for macOS Mojave Dark Mode.


Cardiogram: Heart Rate Monitor app icon

Finally, the cardiac analysis platform arrived in version 3.0 with one important new feature: support for Fitbitis one of the largest garment manufacturers in the world.

This makes the app truly cross-platform: you can connect the iPhone app to an Apple Watch, a watch running WearOS, or a Fitbit or Garmin device, covering all major healthcare systems and manufacturers. folks. Nice, no?