Opera Touch Browser Released for iPhone

Released to Android a few months ago, as we commented loudly here, the browser Opera touch has just finally arrived for iPhone too.

Opera Touch Browser app icon

Opera Touch is what we can interpret as the next generation of Opera's browser for smartphones, especially considering that its official / standard version (called Opera Mini) is even somewhat outdated.

It comes with a lightweight, modern, fast interface, has shortcuts at the bottom that make it easy to use with one hand (great for iPhone Plus / Max users), puts the search system at the center of the experience and integrates desktops by the feature FlowIt also brings modern protection systems while surfing the web.

Check out a demo video of him:

I, who have been using Opera on the Mac for a few months recently, can attest that the guys have done a great job on their products and, I imagine, Opera Touch should be on the same level. Cheers for him to be adapted for iPads, too, soon.

And who are you going to try? 😉