Opera now has faster VPN and cryptocurrency wallet; Shazam and CleanMyMac X get news

And we're back with the most important updates from relevant apps from the App Store or beyond, too.

Let's take a look at them?


Opera 60, codenamed Reborn 3

The browser has reached its version 60, codenamed Reborn 3, with really appetizing news for users on macOS, Windows and Linux.

Among them, we have a new portfolio of cryptocurrencies and a tool for VPN renewed.

Opera already has a built-in VPN a few years ago, but in this update, the tool is faster and more stable, according to the company; It is still completely free, and Opera guarantees that there is no collection of your browsing data.

Also new is “Web Explorer 3”, a term used to symbolize Opera's new version support for a host of new Internet technologies.

One of them is the cryptocurrency wallet, which also arrived at Opera for Android and allows users to take their "vault" keys anywhere, interacting with sites that accept this type of transaction.

The same feature should be coming soon to Opera Touch for iOS.

Finally, the update brings visual touches to the browser, which comes with a lighter interface and solid colors.

Opera 60 can be downloaded from the developer's website or updated by the browser itself.


Shazam app icon

Shazam Encore app icon

Apple's Music Identification Service, in turn, has gained a feature that makes life easier for users: from now on, it is possible to add a playlist directly your library of streaming on Apple Music or Spotify.

To do this, simply tap the “Save to Player” button when listening to the playlist in question.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store in both its free version and Shazam Encore version.

CleanMyMac X

Finally, the Mac maintenance and cleaning tool got an update that made the feature definitive. Space Magnifier (Space lens) previously available in beta phase.

Space Magnifier Feature in CleanMyMac X

As we have already noted here, the Space Magnifier features a creative interface that helps the user get a more "holistic" look at his Mac folders and files, identifying very heavy directories and heavy files that may be discarded, freeing up space on the desktop. machine.

CleanMyMac X can be purchased from the MacPaw website and updated within the application itself.

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