Adoption of Mini

Opera Mini on 50 million phones

Opera Software’s mobile browser Mini reached an important milestone in January, as it was the program chosen for web browsing on more than 50 million mobile devices, the company announced.

According to data from Opera, the figures show an annual growth of 150 percent: in January 2009, the number of users did not exceed 20 million.

The company also stressed that the data refer not to the number of downloads made but rather to actual users, who use the program regularly, and adds that the growth in recent months has been exponential.

The Mini took 28 months to reach 10 million users, which happened between January 2006 and April 2008, but the last 10 million ‚Äúfans‚ÄĚ were ‚Äúwon‚ÄĚ in just three months (from November 2009 to January 2010 ).

One of the main advantages pointed out to the Norwegian company‚Äôs software is the data compression technology, which, according to those responsible, guarantees that the size of Web pages ‚Äúshrink‚ÄĚ up to 90 percent before being loaded onto the mobile phone ‚Äď which results not only faster browsing but also less (and more economical) data traffic.

Adoption of Mini