Opera Adds Free VPN to Your Android Browser

Opera Adds Free VPN to Your Android Browser

The feature is part of browser version 51, and can be enabled from the settings screen. The user can choose between using a VPN permanently, only for private searches and disabling the feature during searches.

You can also choose the VPN exit point from North America, Asia, or Europe. Unfortunately, data saver mode is disabled while this feature is in use, and the browser warns that browsing speed may be reduced.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure and encrypted connection between two points of a network, so that only they have access to the content being transmitted. This makes it impossible for a hacker, or a government, to capture and analyze the information.

Opera VPN
Configurable VPN, and user can choose when and how it will work / Opera

VPNs are common in the corporate world, protecting vital business information, but they are becoming increasingly popular with consumers concerned about their privacy.

In countries such as China, where there is limited freedom of expression and press, a VPN may allow access to banned services such as Google, Facebook or Instagram. In addition, it protects the integrity and even life of government dissidents who have their online activities constantly monitored.

Opera uses strong encryption with a 256-bit key on its network. In addition the service is open to all, without registration or registration, which helps to prevent their users from being identified.

And you, had heard of VPNs? Do you use this service? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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