OpenShot arrives at version 2.5.0 with great news

One of the most important video editors for Linux, comes in version 2.5.0 with several improvements and a novelty that will please many.

For those who do video editing on Linux, you know who we have some very good tools, like Kdenlive, Shotcut, DaVinci Resolve it's the OpenShot, among others. The latter received a major update that brought many new features to the editor.

  OpenShot reaches version 2.5.0 with great news

In an announcement made on his official blog the creator of OpenShot, Jonathan Thomas, came up with the news.

It now has hardware encoding and decoding support. The novelty, although in an experimental phase, was announced with great excitement by Thomas, since in his tests, he had a gain of 30 ~ 40% when rendering. He also thanks dev Peter M for helping him with this implementation. Now when it comes to exporting the file, you will see new options, if your GPU is supported.

Another feature that was improved was the editor's keyframe. Also according to the note, when a project made in OpenShot had many clips or long clips the performance was very low. But that was changed, with the rewriting of the code and thus allowing the system to deliver values ​​of the interpolated keyframes in real time, now it is possible to generate almost 100,000 interpolated values ​​before only 1 value.

One of the most requested things for Thomas, was the possibility of exporting and importing EDL and XML files, formats used by Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro editors.

Other improvements or corrections were:

Support for Blender 2.8 or later and improved detection of its executable;

Correction and improvement to SVG format support;

Metrics disabled by default;

To check the post in detail with the news, you can access it here. OpenShot is available via AppImage and you can download it through this link, thus working in virtually all Linux distros. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum, Diolinux Plus. I hope you see you next time, a strong hug.

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