OpenSCAD a 3D CAD Modeler for Linux

Today I will present to you another interesting alternative to the CAD market, so you can do your projects without leaving Linux.

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Programming modeling

I decided to share with you this program because always very welcome to inform people about the available options.

OpenSCAD is open source scripted 3D modeling software, unlike programs like Blender that are used in an artistic way most of the time the idea behind OpenSCAD is a bit different.

According to the information gathered on the project website, The main idea of ​​the software is to make 3D models of parts, usually mechanical, and unlike other design-based software, OpenSCAD is based on programming.

It may not be ideal for anyone looking for alternatives to AutoCad or SolidWorks, but it is a very interesting add-on tool because it allows for easy retrospective editing, since you just have to change the code without having to redraw anything.

Installation and Download

The multiplatform software is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX, in the case of Ubuntu we have a PPA for easy installation, the Ubuntu 15.04 version has not been released yet so PPA only supports Ubuntu 14.10.

If you are seeing this article after the end of April 2015 it is very likely that the version has already been released, although you can download it here on the official website regardless of the verse.

To install OpenSCAD just copy all this code below and put in your terminal, after paste press the "enter" key, enter your password and press "enter" again, wait for the installation, it will be available in the system menu after that. she is done.

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa: openscad / releases && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install openscad -y

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