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OpenCore Computer puts “Hackintosh” on sale and challenges Apple [atualizado]

If you've been following the Apple world for eight years or less, the name "Psystar" it won't bring you any memory. That was the last company that decided to ask Ma when trying to sell "Hackintoshes" on the market, and lost the fight badly.

Well, ladies and gentlemen. After many years, it seems that we have a ?new Psystar? on the chart, we just don't know yet if this new case will go as far as that. It depends a lot on how much OpenCore Computer you are di $ po $ ta fighting with Apple, because fact that Apple will not overlook this.

"Hackintosh", for those who do not know, the nickname given to PCs assembled with components and a set of software / drivers that enable the installation of macOS. We even have a space about it at MM Forum, not least because there is nothing illegal in practice. At most, you?re violating the macOS terms of use, meaning you can?t require Apple technical support or anything like that exactly what happens when iPhones / iPad users do jailbreak, for example.

A user / consumer choosing to violate a ToS is one thing; quite another, a company established to sell computers with macOS Catalina including pre-installed (in addition to Windows 10 Pro). This is what the OCC promises with its Velociraptor.

The PC, sold from $ 2,200 (with payments only via Bitcoin, perhaps an attempt to make things difficult for Apple), uses AMD Ryzen processors with up to 16 cores, can be configured with up to 64GB of RAM, GPU Radeon VII , NVMe SSDs up to 2TB + an HDD up to 4TB and mounted on a compact Mini-ITX portable housing. In short, OCC promises a suite with a cost-benefit ratio well above any official Mac.

The question here, really, how long will it last in the air because, besides the whole issue with Apple, the guys seem to have got in trouble with the bootloader OpenCore, precisely the base software that enables these "Hackintoshes". Well, guesses?

via MacRumors

Update 06/16/2020 s 14:55

It may just be a technical failure, it may be a mere coincidence, but right now the OpenCore Computer website is down.

Furthermore, there are those who believe that it was all a joke (or even a coup attempt), since it would not be easy to say that it is not impossible to run macOS today on AMD Ryzen processors, as promised by the OCC.

We'll keep an eye on the case.

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