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Android Free One of the features of Linux, so dear to its users is the issue of Security. Being able to use certain software with the knowledge that it does not contain any spyware or any other 'problem' has always been characteristic of Linux distributions, thanks to the large amount of volunteers who parse the source code before packaging and making it available to interested parties. And who doesn't want to be able to use a device, be it a desktop, server or even tablets and smartphones having a broader security guarantee? For these there is the repository F-Droid, which contains only Free Software. To serve as a Portuguese reference for those interested in using this repository, the Free Software Mobile portal was created, which aims to provide installation tutorials for F-Droid APPs, as well as translations for them. But don't limit yourself to this, as the long-awaited Firefox OS also has a section devoted to pre-release news, as well as information on developing APPs for it. The KDE version for Plasma Active tablets, also has its own section, always bringing exclusive news, by the hands of Helio Chissini de Castro, member of the KDE development team and main contact for South America. Thinking about programming for mobile devices. but do not know where to start? There is a section dedicated to installing SDKs for Android, open webOS, Firefox OS and future Ubuntu Phone platforms. Phone Gap, framework for HTML5 programming, independent of the Operating System also has installation tutorial.

An open webOS section is expected, provided you are interested in keeping it up to date.

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