Oops: Intel's marketing department missed an ad for a MacBook Pro with Core i5? [atualizado 2x]

Oops: Intel's marketing department missed an ad for a MacBook Pro with Core i5? [atualizado 2x]

Intel develops a program called The Intel Retail Edge Program: it allows sellers of the manufacturer's products to have access to technical knowledge and sales tips, while earning exchangeable “chips” for goods, in addition to contests and prizes. The website faq-mac captured images from a promotion posted on Intel’s Spanish website that offered two MacBooks Pro equipped with the new Core i5 processor architecture as prizes.

Demonstrated at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the Arrandale from Intel brings improvements in performance, but not in energy consumption. Because of this and a legal battle between the chip maker and NVIDIA, Apple's current partner in the supply of GPUs, it is believed that this generation of chips will not appear. as is on Ma computers.

Now the question remains: will there be announcements of new hardware for Macs in the supposed event at the end of this month?

(via AppleInsider)


"Oops!" squared: the Gizmodo just checked the same slide but with a different graphic design on the Intel page in the UK.

Does this remind me when an image from NVIDIA “anticipated” new Apple laptops And, shall we see, or on MacBooks Pro with Core i5? What do you think?

Update (1/14)

And Intel's errata machine has already run to extinguish these flames: according to an official statement made to faqmac, the alleged MacBooks Pro with Core i5 were actually notebooks from HP. The confusion would have been a communication problem between the central marketing agency and other sectors of the chip maker.

As we can see, the graphic material was duly altered to reflect the correction. So, if you just bought a MacBook Pro, you can sleep peacefully today. If an Apple laptop equipped with Core i5 processors appears at the supposed event on January 27, however, think twice before cursing one: peace.

(tip from Marcelo Melo)