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ONLYOFFICE partners with ownCloud

At the beginning of October, both projects joined forces to deliver a more complete service.

On October 8th this year (2018) through their blog, the ONLYOFFICE team announced a very good partnership for those using the company's software and also for those looking for an alternative to MS Office.

ONLYOFFICE partners with ownCloud

It was announced that now the teams from ownCloud and ONLYOFFICE They will start working together so that they can integrate both tools and thus deliver a more complete Office solution. With ownCloud you can create your private and open source cloud thus bringing more reliability and security.

In this announcement were also shown some points about this partnership, and 4 are important to highlight:

1 – With tools recently installed by Univention (A Debian-derived server operating system focused on integrated management for central and cross-platform administration of servers, services, clients, desktops and users, as well as virtualized computers operated on UCS.), the installation of ONLYOFFICE Document Server with Easy timing with ownCloud.

2 – Another new feature was the release of ownCloud connector 2.0.3, allowing users to open ODT, ODS and ODP files for standard editing. For more information, visit their blog.

3 – With the new version of ONLYOFFICE you will be able to choose which cloud storage service to save the documents, at the moment the solutions are the ONLYOFFICE or ownCloud cloud platforms (other options will be available soon). For now you can save your documents in the ONLYOFFICE cloud.

4 – The fourth and last point that caught the eye was the announcement that it will soon be possible to save directly to ownCloud's cloud. In the current method, you have to download the file to your computer, make the change to it, and then upload it to the cloud. But in the next version of ONLYOFFICE (v.10.0) this process will be simplified, this delay is due to the adequacy of both OnlyOffice and ownCloud interfaces.

These are the main points that we can highlight from this partnership, but if you want to see more about this ad, you can access their post on here.

We can see an evolution on ONLYOFFICE's support office platform with the ownCloud service bundling and thus bringing this possibility to save your files created in the support in a cloud, which can be both private (created by you) and ONLYOFFICE and clouds. This is very good because if you have any unforeseen circumstances that need to send your PC for maintenance, be able to access the files and continue working as with Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive

Now let us tell you what you think about this partnership and if you use the Office ONLYOFFICE suite.

One strong and until next time.

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