only today and tomorrow [atualizado]

Fnac parcel and gives discounts on Macs: only today and tomorrow [atualizado]

Fnac is promoting discounts and installments in 12 interest-free installments for the entire Mac line, just today (17) and tomorrow (18). The promotion is only valid for Fnac members and at their physical store in Braslia (DF).

Fnac Promotion

For every R $ 300 in purchases, consumers receive a R $ 30 gift voucher. In other words, in a product of R $ 3,000, you get ?a discount? of 10% (R $ 300). To the plantation brasilienses who wanted to buy an Apple product for now, a good opportunity.

(Tip from Thiago Martins, thanks!)

Update (17/12/2008 at 12:54): several readers inform us that the promotion is valid for all Fnac stores in Brazil. Even better.