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Only Brazilian carrier that supported Visual Voicemail gives up feature

The resource Visual Voicemail It has been around on the iPhone since the first generation of the phone, released in 2007. It's a rereading of the good old answering machine or voicemail box for cell phones. On the Apple device, as we explained here on the site, instead of you dialing a carrier-determined number and typing in numbers to listen, repeat, and delete messages, you do it all in the way the name itself implies.

Here in Brazil, only the sure supports the feature. I mean, offered. Today, the carrier has started firing messages to its customer base warning that it no longer supports Visual Voicemail coming soon:

Message from Claro about the end of Visual Voicemail

On 01/28/19 the function Visual Voicemail Your mailbox will be discontinued and you will continue to redeem your messages through * 100. Learn more at Claro.br

Thus, no Brazilian operator now has support for Visual Voicemail You can check out all carriers that offer such a feature on this Apple support page. Of course, we are not talking about an indispensable resource and that anyone can live without such an available function; however, no one can deny that it was very cool and that it certainly took customers from other carriers to Claro simply because it was the only one offering such a feature.

Too bad the operator gave up on him