Only 7 G20 countries among the largest in fiber

After the European ranking of countries with the highest penetration rate of fiber services, in which Portugal managed to enter this year, the FTTH Council Europe released yesterday the global analysis, which includes the results of studies carried out by its American and Asian counterparts.

South Korea continues to lead the list of countries with the largest number of subscribers, with more than 50% of households using fiber connections, but an alert from the FTTH Council goes to the fact that the world’s largest economies are lagging behind in adopting this technology.

The analysis of the G20s, carried out for the first time, shows that only 7 of the 20 largest economies achieved a place in the ranking, these being South Korea, Japan, the United States, China, Russia, Italy and France, in that order. France and Italy will debut this year among countries with more than 1% of homes with fiber.

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The imbalance in the adhesion to fiber services is still very significant and five countries – Japan, China, South Korea, the United States and Taiwan – represent more than 90% of FTTH subscribers worldwide.

The Council had already warned that Europe is lagging behind other world economies in adopting fiber, which could have long-term economic impacts.