Online design platform brings resources to iPhones

Do you know that phrase that says “there is an app for everything”? For this is becoming more and more true.

While many developers are concerned with offering services to their niches, others work to extend services to anyone, even a layman.

Of course, all two ways end up benefiting everyone a lot, and great that the second option exists can reach a much, much larger audience.

That's what the creators of the online design platform did Canva, allowing anyone (professional or not) to create amazing designs just by dragging elements.

The idea worked so well that they took the platform to the iPad and now to the iPhone.

Canva app icon Create Image Edit Photo

Both the online platform and iOS apps are very easy to use, allowing you to create elaborate designs without the need for big apps like Photoshop or InDesign.

As with many other photo editing applications, you can add new elements and different font styles.

The application's differential is the wide variety of layouts available; with the exact dimensions, you can create photos for Instagram, Facebook covers, Twitter and YouTube, flyers (flyers), among others.

The app also works with several “pages”, which allows you to create presentations or multi-page designs.

The templates that already come in the app can be easily edited to suit what you prefer.

You can add photos from your library and also search for keywords in the app's vast library, which provides free or paid images.

In the iOS version, you can even create the entire design first and illustrate it with a photo later, taking it on the spot.

Exporting and sharing are also done intuitively, and JPEG, PNG or PDF formats can be downloaded including cut and bleed lines (ready for printing).

According to CrunchBase, the company has already earned US $ 30 million with its platform thanks to more than 10 million users, 50 thousand of which are on its plan premium, aimed at more professional jobs.

The iPad version already has more than 2 million downloads and, even so, they realized that 30% of accesses, email responses and interactions on social networks came from iPhones.

So now you can download Canva for free on both devices and easily create amazing designs.


(via TechCrunch)