OnePlus One Quick Boot is now available for other Android devices.

OnePlus One is one of the fastest smartphones among today's mobile devices. Much of this is due to the fact that the device packed with a Snapdragon 801 processor together with 3GB of RAM and of course CyanogenMod. Among the features added to OnePlus One by the Cyanogen developer team, perhaps the one that draws the most attention is "Quick boot". The appeal has just been ported directly from OnePlus One to other devices running a CM11-based ROM and KitKat stock.

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In the video below, you can see an example of how fast onePlus One OS can boot up compared to Nexus 5. While Nexus 5 needs about 23 seconds to boot the device, OnePlus One can do this in 3 or 4 seconds. However, I need to say that in this process, the OnePlus smartphone loads the widgets after loading the operating system. Moreover, the feature only proves to be really effective at the time of initializing the device, not when we reset it.

Watch the video on YouTube.

O Quick boot can be understood as follows: the feature turns off all smartphone functions at once and it is in a hibernation state, ready to be activated at any time. Thus, the phone appears to be turned off and the battery consumption is almost nil, thus serving to offer greater power autonomy to the device.

How to install Quick Boot

If you enjoyed this function and want to install Quick boot on your device, AndroidPIT forum moderator Gildsio Zeth has provided a tutorial showing how to install the feature. The explanation is typical of Moto G, but it appears that quick boot works on any device running a CM11-based ROM and KitKat stock, devices with GPE ROMs are not supported.

So, have you tested quick boot on your smartphone?

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