OnePlus: Five curiosities about the brand that became a consumer dream

1. OnePlus a subsidiary of OPPO

This one does not surprise everyone, but will impress some. Often you, who follow Asian brands, may have thought that OnePlus copies the OPPO a lot, and that's the secret. Often, lines from OPPO such as R end up anticipating what will arrive in the next OnePlus release.

oppo oneplus
OnePlus 5 and Oppo R11: Very Similar / GizChina

In a way OnePlus as a spin-off, an OPPO startup, and by having 100% investment from the larger company, can dare and bring a whole new philosophy of production, launch and sales to their handsets. And, as we saw from the recent Find X, OPPO is not far behind in innovation and news for the market.

2. First released smartphones required purchase invitation

When it was founded in 2013, OnePlus was not intended to make a profit, and it was so for two years, just to be able to first win customers, and then please the shareholders (the OPPO itself, which banked everything). And spending cuts even include marketing and third-party sales.

That being said, OnePlus sold its first two handsets only through its website, and, more curiously, only those with an invitation could make the purchase. Only the fiercest fans received invitations from the company, or a distribution of invitations happened sporadically.

androidpit OnePlus 2 hero 3
On OnePlus 2 launch, if you wanted one you would need an invitation to buy / AndroidPIT

Outside these rules, mere mortals needed to beg an invitation from someone who had already won one. Selling just through your site generated less expense and made it possible for the company to meet the big demand, and the invitation scheme heightened people's curiosity about the devices. A good, risky balcony that worked.

3. OnePlus the queen of catchphrases

When it launched its first model, OnePlus One, the company dubbed it the "Flagship killer". This expression was widely used by the media, and by that the company meant that, costing less, could hit head on and "kill" competitors like the Galaxy S and iPhones.

oneplus x screen 1
This is OnePlus X, the company's budget phone / AndroidPIT

Currently, the company's slogan "Never Settle", which in our language means "Never Settle." As a result, the company hopes that users will never settle for such low quality products from other companies. "We will never be different just because we are different. Everything done has to improve the real user experience in everyday use," said Pete Lau, one of the brand's creators.

The company's two goals are to produce better and affordable smartphones for everyone and to produce high quality handsets that have the ability to fight any smartphone in today's market by focusing on high quality products with simple, user-friendly design.

4. We are on OnePlus 6, but there were already eight smartphones

Despite maintaining a very small line, it was only in the first year of releases that OnePlus presented only one device. In the same year of OnePlus 2 was launched OnePlus X, the first "budget phone" of the company, with the specifications of the first model in a smaller and cheaper device.

In the year of OnePlus 3's release, they began their new tradition of releasing a T version of the same device, months later, with more powerful specifications, keeping technology up to date and cheapening the first model. We are waiting for the OnePlus 6T still in 2018.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 6 5919
This OnePlus 6 / AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

5. They are not always good at campaigns

If the invitations were successful, the same cannot be said of some other company campaigns. In one of them, invitations to purchase the handsets were intended only for women, being later accused of sexists.

Another more controversial campaign called "Smash the Past" said that anyone who destroyed their current smartphone on a video could buy the new OnePlus for just a dollar. But the campaign was not well explained, and unselected people destroy their "free" gadgets.

oneplus invites counter
The invitations worked and helped the company. But not everything she thought worked out / ANDROIDPIT

After being criticized for the useless generation of hazardous electronic waste for the wrong destruction of batteries and other components, the company allowed old smartphones to be donated. In the end, there were 140,000 participants and only 100 winners.


  1. Unlike other manufacturers, accessing the root of OnePlus smartphones does not violate OnePlus' warranty.
  2. The first models released came with the embedded CyanogenMod ROM, which later became the Cyanogen OS. The partnership has been broken, and for the sale of handsets outside China OnePlus ships its own modified version of Android, known as OxygenOS, shipped.

And the? Did you know a little more about this little big brand?

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