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OnePlus 7 Pro arrives with retractable camera, 90Hz screen and (relatively) low price

Of all companies manufacturing smartphones today, China Oneplus the only one that can be considered the one that discovered the formula for a flagship-killer That is, an apparatus able to compete (almost) on an equal footing with industry giant creations for a significantly lower price. O OnePlus 7 Pro, announced today, the newest vision of this dream.

It is quite true that the new smartphone climbs the price ladder a little to try to match: for $ 670 (or more, depending on configuration) in unlocked version, 7 Pro is the most expensive handset ever launched by OnePlus. The company, however, believes it can persuade unbelievers and lure iPhone and Galaxy users who are no longer willing to spend $ 1,000 or more on a device.

The attractive formula: The OnePlus 7 Pro features a giant 6.67-inch OLED screen with no cropping, puncturing, or interrupting except for the discrete chin at the bottom, the front of the smartphone literally on the screen. And apparently we're talking about a great screen with 516 pixels per inch and a refresh rate of 90Hz higher than the traditional 60Hz and on the way to match the beautiful 120Hz screens of the iPad Pro with their incredibly fluid animations. The screen also houses the optical digital sensor built into the panel.

To achieve the truly infinite display, OnePlus followed the path of Vivo (the manufacturer, not the operator) and placed the front camera of the device in a motorized compartment, which opens in less than a second and, according to the manufacturer, certified to withstand more than 300,000 open and close processes. The retractable camera is also smart: when it detects a fall, for example, it automatically closes to prevent further damage.

OnePlus 7 Pro

In the rear, there are three cameras: the main one is 48 megapixels, while the secondary ones are a 78mm telephoto lens and an ultra-wide-angle one with a viewing angle of 117. The rear part is covered with Gorilla Glass 5 glass. (similar front) with a special, half-matte treatment that reflects light in different colors depending on the angle.

Inside we have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor with 6GB, 8GB or 12GB of RAM, plus 128GB or 256GB of storage; The battery has appetizing 4,000mAh. OnePlus's proprietary charging technology ensures 50% recharging in just 20 minutes at power as long as you use the charger and the cable provided by the company in the box, however. Physical communication with the outside world is via a USB-C port, and unfortunately we do not have a headphone jack here.

In two respects, the owners of OnePlus 7 Pro will have to open up the luxury of other flagships: the device does not support wireless charging and does not have water resistance certificate the manufacturer even did a marketing action playing the smartphone in a bucket and claiming that these certificates only cost money, but, well, it might not be a good idea to play with luck considering that the company's warranty (like Apple's) does not cover liquid damage.

Waterproof phone ratings cost you dearly. We ended up buying just one bucket. # OnePlus7Series

The OnePlus 7 Pro will arrive in the US already this Friday (17/5), in blue and gray versions, and will be available for sale on the manufacturer's website and with T-Mobile operator. Prices range from $ 670 (6GB / 128GB) and $ 750 (12GB / 256GB). A technology supported model 5G will be sold in select markets from the 21st next.

Oneplus 7 and headphones

OnePlus 7

It is worth paying attention, too, in OnePlus 7 “Ordinary” (above), which has a 6.16-inch screen with a small drop-shaped cutout (no retractable camera), just two rear cameras and a slightly smaller battery; It has the same processor, same in-screen digital reader and same RAM / storage options.

The device, however, will not be available in the US as it arrives in Europe in June by 560 or 610depending on the version.

OnePlus Bullet Wireless 2

Finally, OnePlus also announced the headphones Wireless Bullets 2. They have the same design as their predecessors, with a cord joining both ends, and bring good sound quality with plenty of drums (14 hours of playback) per $ 100 Also available this Friday (17/5).

via TechCrunch