OnePlus 6T have night shooting mode to take pictures in low light

O OnePlus 6T It has a date set for the end of this month, October 30th more precisely, but the information does not stop leaking. This week leaked price information and models available in India and today official information confirms a night mode of photography with the smartphone. According to the GSM Arena, the source a representative of OneplusSo everything indicates that official.


OnePlus new smartphone show event takes place in New York

There are no great explanations of how this mode will work, the representative did not tell in detail, but it is known that allow you to take pictures in dark environments more clearly without losing the contrast and add much noise. This should be a result of a good interaction between hardware and software.

Some of the previous leaks indicate that the OnePlus 6T have a dual rear camera of 16MP + 20MP and a selfie camera from 16MP. All official information may be checked at its official release, which takes place on the 30 of this ms.

Via: GSM Arena