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Evernote is the most popular notepad app in the Android world. Microsoft is trying to debunk it and has brought into the world of mobile devices OneNote (integrated in the Office suite). Some time ago we brought the review of this application and our question was: would OverNote be priced to debunk Evernote? The fact that that has been improving in recent months and we want to analyze them today. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Functions & Usage

We cannot deny: Microsoft and its mobile strategy interest us. Not only for the manufacturer that represents serious competition for Android, but also to see how PC tools integrate with mobile devices.

It's been a while since Microsoft launched OneNote, an Evernote-style note-taking tool. At the time of its release, the app was quite standard, meaning you could see a to-do list or meeting notes, etc. Making notes was quite simple, and so was their gesture. Anyway, OneNote for smartphones worked in the OneNote style for PCs.

The good thing notes could and can still be stored in the clouds, making them available on different devices. With respect to its main competitor, Evernote, which doesn't allow very long annotations, OneNote means a big advantage. What OneNote lacked was the integration of some features present in the PC.

Among the app improvements, we must highlight the new formatting options and the fidelity of the notes visualization. Another interesting element is the widgets for the main screen, which allow the user to take audio notes and photos in a few quick movements.

Screen & Controls

Microsoft's new design, formerly called Metro, was very well designed. Aesthetically pleasing and much more functional. OneNote benefits from this whole set. The controls are adequate, including between the menu buttons one for greater integration of the whole.

Speed ​​& Stability

Aside from a very specific little sync issue we had, OneNote's operation was flawless during our testing.

Price / Performance Ratio

OneNote can be downloaded for free from Google Play and does not contain advertising banners. A fuller version of the app can be purchased for 3.99 euros.

Final Verdict

OneNote for mobile devices is a great option over the PC version. If you are one of those who use Evernote, we are very sincere: be sure to use it, as it is a very functional app. For those using OneNote for PC, no doubt the Android version greatly simplifies their lives.

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