OneDrive for macOS now has on-demand file capability; Telegram and Enpass are also updated.

OneDrive for macOS now has on-demand file capability; Telegram and Enpass are also updated.

The time has come to talk about three good updates for major and famous applications in the Apple world. Let's go to them!


OneDrive app icon

If you are a user of Microsoft products / services, you will be happy to know that the Onedrive now has files on demand something much expected and desired.

For those unfamiliar with this feature, it helps you save space on your computer by keeping files online and being downloaded locally only when you really need them. Of course, you can choose to always keep a folder or files on your device, so they don't have to be downloaded to open every time. That is: you can keep the files you need most often downloaded and the ones you don't use so much online.

The news began to be released by Microsoft yesterday and should reach all OneDrive customers by the end of January, as reported. Thurrott.


Telegram app icon

One of the most complete messengers available on the market, the Telegram for macOS recently arrived verse 4.8.

The update includes the ability to create polls in groups and channels directly from the attachment menu. In addition, the app now has support for custom languages ​​(create a cloud-based language using our translation platform and apply it in real time), small group fixed messages and saved messages, enhanced performance for GIF playback as well as the traditional enhancements and bug fixes.

Note that Telegram also has another app for macOS, Telegram Desktop that also has these news.

Enpass Password Manager

Enpass Password Manager app icon

Enpass - Password Manager app icon

The password manager Enpass Password Manager got good news, including the ability to create various safes (to organize information), create your own categories (which also helps in organizing), create your own templates (just in case you don't find a suitable model for the type of information you want to store) and a new extension for Safari (comes with the app, you don't need to install it separately).

Version 6 also comes with a Dark Mode for macOS Mojave, secure item sharing (encrypted with a passphrase), the ability to use Enpass-Keyfile (in addition to your master password as a second factor needed to log in to the app). ), custom icons, create identities with personal information for auto-filling long forms and more.