One more: Apple releases the sixth beta version of iOS 11.3 for testing! [atualizado 4x: watchOS 4.3, macOS 10.13.4 e tvOS 11.3]

that's right. Just four days after the fifth was released, Apple today released the sixth beta version of iOS 11.3 (compilation 15E5216a). This time, however, we are only talking about iOS, no macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

As already highlighted, iOS 11.3 news includes new Animojis, medical records in the Sade app (Health), ARKit 1.5, Messages in iCloud, AirPlay 2, version number and the size of the download of apps in the Updates tab of the App Store, new privacy alert icon, folders in Safari favorites that now show thumbnails of the sites, new menu practical when we touch the name of the song being played on Apple Music, possibility to classify app reviews by most useful, most favorable, most critical or most recent, approval of purchases within Family Sharing with Face ID on iPhone X and removal of friends individually through Game Center.

If any other news comes up in this sixth beta version, we will update this article. To those who participate in the Apple Beta Software Program, this new compilation will soon be painted there too.

It is worth noting that Apple will hold a special educational event on March 27, so iOS 11.3 is likely to be released to all users on that day.

Update 03/16/2018 s 17:22

Again, a little later, Apple went there and released the watchOS 4.3 beta 6 (compilation 15T5212a).

In the Apple Watches operating system, we have the possibility to control the songs that are on the iPhone by the clock, and it is even possible to play, via AirPlay, the iPhone music for some speaker by the clock, a new animation when you put the reload clock, Headboard Mode even in portrait orientation (on account of the AirPower, which carries the clock in that position) and Activity circles of the day on the Siri display you can check these news here.

Along with him, the Classroom 2.2 beta 5 (2C83).

Update II, by Rafael Fischmann 03/19/2018 s 17:52

Apple has just released the macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 beta 6 (build 17E190a) for developers. Testing continues

Update III, by Rafael Fischmann 03/19/2018 s 14:05

Now, the tvOS 11.3 beta 6 (compilation 15L5211b).

Just yesterday, Apple also released to developers the macOS Server 5.6 beta 4 (17H2089) and the Apple Configurator 2.7 beta 4 (3H87).

Update IV, by Rafael Fischmann 03/26/2018 s 18:25

Today, alone, Apple released the macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 beta 7 (build 17E197a) for developers. Testing continues